4 Reasons Why Event Organisers Are Investing in Online Registration Software

Why is an online registration software important for your events?

According to a study by Convene, 50% of event revenues come from registration. This makes sense since your tickets sales are directly proportional to the number of people who have registered for your event. While there may be other sources of revenues, such as event merchandise and sponsorships, the very lifeblood of your event are your attendees. Without them, you may never reach your financial goals for a certain event. This is the reason why you must continually improve the process of online event registration.

With the inception of event management technology, many event organisers have already turned to online registration software to come up with the easiest ways to let invitees confirm their attendance. Here are four practical reasons why you should invest in a dedicated event registration software:

  1. It is convenient for attendees to register using an online event registration software.

Attendee convenience should be the number one reason why you should consider investing in an online event registration software. Think of the experience of your invitees and ask yourself: what would make them click on the register button? Fundamentally, one factor that may compel them to register is the way you package the registration process in your event website. If you use an online registration software, it is easy for them to follow up their decision to come to your event.

Case study: Let’s say someone has visited your site. He likes the event details, is interested to hear from your speakers, and realises that ticket prices are within his budget. Now that he has finally made up his mind to join your event, he finds out that he should go to your office to register in person. Can you see how cumbersome that is as opposed to him registering and paying online through your event website?

  1. You can employ online marketing techniques using an online event management and registration software.

Another reason why you should invest in an online event management and registration software is that it complements your online marketing techniques.

online registration software

Do you do email marketing? You can simply share a link to your event website where they can register through the software.

Are you trying to harness the full power of social media websites? Create compelling posts with a call to action for interested viewers to register online through the software.

The possibilities are endless once you use an online registration software since it is accessible to anyone who has connection to the internet.

  1. You will save time and money with a corporate event online registration software.

If you are not using a corporate event online registration software, chances are you’re stuck with time-consuming processes. This means that you should manually process registrations and input data to your computer. If you use a software, it will do all the work for you. It can manage data effectively and give you access to any information you need through guest lists and reports. Moreover, paper-based processes could also mean that you must spend on printing and postage for your events. If you have hundreds of registrants, imagine the hassle of having to print all their tickets and sending them to their physical addresses when an online registration software would automatically send them tickets via email.

  1. Online event registration and payment software will allow you to focus on more important elements of your events.

Last but not the least, online event registration and payment software will allow you to focus on the other essentials of your event. As mentioned earlier, manually processing registrations is time-consuming. You may use this time wisely for other aspects such as floor management and program design. Using an online registration software practically allows you to sit back and organise an event with ease. Visitors to your event website as well as your invitees can register independently. All you will have to do is just print out the guest list on the day of your event – unless you are also keen on investing in a check-in app.

A check-in app will allow you to pull up the guest list from any synced mobile device and check in guests in as fast as two seconds. In fact, the check-in feature may be bundled to an online registration software depending on your provider of choice.

Establishing Credibility with Online Registration Software for Events

Using an online registration software for events can make you look more credible. How? It is embedded in consumer psychology to continually seek out products that are well-packaged and highly functional. Using a software practically makes the registration process user-friendly and almost a negligible part of coming to an event! This software is being used today by industry experts such as top event managers and event agencies.

Here are two other reasons why using an online registration software gives you credibility:

  1. It means that you are up to date with technology.

The world is constantly changing and we are receiving ends of any innovation in technology. For the past years, millennials and their older counterparts have successfully reaped the benefits of many kinds of software. For this reason, using an online registration software for events sends a clear message that you are offering a fresh, up-to-date perspective as an event organiser. Imagine getting invited to an event website which looks old-fashioned. Wouldn’t that deter you from registering? You would not want to spend your money on something that seems stuck in the past.

  1. It means that you take your business seriously.

Using an online registration software will also tell your invitees that you are taking your business seriously. If you were half-hearted about it, you would not have gone the extra mile to provide your clients the convenience they deserve. What’s striking is that it does not even take much effort for you to install an online registration software for events. This type of affordable software is readily available online and can simply be incorporated to your event website.

If you specifically manage conferences, you may also want to read more about the conference management software.

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